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Sunrise Water Authority obtains water from the Clackamas River through three different agencies; the North Clackamas County Water Commission, the Clackamas River Water District, and the South Fork Water Board. 

North Clackamas County Water Commission

Sunrise Water Authority is a joint owner of the North Clackamas County Water Commission (NCCWC) Allen F. Herr water treatment plant.  We own 48% of the NCCWC treatment plant, while the Oak Lodge Water District and the City of Gladstone own 42% and 10% respectively.  The NCCWC plant uses both slow sand filtration and submerged membranes for water treatment. The plant combines 10 million gallons per day of slow sand filtration treatment capacity with 10 million gallons per day of submerged membrane microfiltration treatment and can be expanded by an additional 5 million gallons per day in the future when demand requires it.

The NCCWC is an independent body organized under Oregon Revised Statute 190.  The Board of Commissioners for the NCCWC is composed of commissioners from each member agency appointed to represent the interests of their respective agencies.

Clackamas River Water District

CRW LogoThe Clackamas River Water District, also known as CRW, owns a conventional treatment facility with 30 million gallons per day of treatment capacity.  The demand for customers directly served by CRW does not consume the full capacity of their treatment plant.  We have a fixed volume contract with CRW to purchase a minimum of 2.5 million gallons per day with additional water available for purchase as needed.

South Fork Water Board South Fork Water Board conventional treatment facility is jointly owned by the cities of West Linn and Oregon City.  We can receive water from the South Fork Water Board on an emergency basis through a pipeline that was jointly funded by Oak Lodge Water District, Sunrise Water Authority, and the South Fork Water Board.  This pipeline is critical to the ability to move water between agencies drawing from the Clackamas River in emergency situations.

Last updated: 7/29/2020 10:15:52 AM