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Sprinkler 1Water use within Sunrise more than doubles during summer months.  Much of that increase is due to landscape irrigation.  There are many simple actions you can take to assure that your landscape is receiving the water it needs while avoiding waste.

  • Water your lawn only when necessary.  If you step on the grass and it springs back it doesn’t need water yet.
  • Cycle and soak.  When watering your lawn, break watering times up into two or more intervals, especially on sloped lawns.  This allows the water to soak in and really penetrate deep into the soil which promotes deeper root growth in your lawn and makes it healthier and more drought resistant in the long run.
  • Use sprinkler timers.  If you water with a hose and sprinkler, add a timer at the tap to assure that you don’t forget to turn the water off or water to the point that it is running off your lawn.
  • If you have an in-ground irrigation system, adjust your timer schedule several times during the irrigation season to better match your lawns needs with temperature and rainfall.
  • Maintain your irrigation system for maximum efficiency.  Clogged spray heads, leaks in the system, changes in your landscaping, spray heads that water sidewalks and driveways and overgrown spray heads can all affect the efficiency of you irrigation system and require more water to achieve the desired effect.
  • Plant landscapes that use native and low water use species.  Check out the water wise demonstration garden at Clackamas Community College for great ideas or download a pdf or request a copy of the Water Efficient Plants for the Willamette Valley booklet.
Last updated: 9/25/2013 3:34:30 PM