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Current Happenings and News

September 4, 2020

The construction work at Reservoir 11 has been largely completed with only a few tasks left to do.  Work on the landscaping will begin the week after labor day.  The end of this monumental project is in sight.  

Res 11 August 2020

Photo Courtesy of Debbie Hough

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April 29, 2020

Spring weather has arrived, and with it, the final push to complete the reservoir project.  Construction activities will be begin again on or after May 11.  The primary tasks remaining are connection to a storm water line in SE Verlie Street, backfilling around the reservoir, and final grading in preparation for landscaping in the fall. 

The COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home order means that many of our neighbors are trying to work from home and deal with kids at home as well. Out of respect for the added stress our neighbors are under, Sunrise has requested that construction crews not to begin work until 8:00 am each morning, with an allowance that they can be onsite and preparing for work at 7:30 am.

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October 22 - 

Wet weather has moved in and construction activities at the reservoir site will be suspended until drier weather arrives in the spring.  We were pushing hard to try and complete back filling before the wet season arrived, but nearly record rainfall in September made that impossible.  There are two primary reasons for this.  First, it would be impossible to keep the surrounding streets clean and mud free with trucks coming and going with loads of back fill material.  Second, when back fill material becomes too wet, it isn't possible to pack it to meet engineering standards.  Erosion control measures have been put in place to minimize runoff as much as possible. 

There will be very little activity at the site through the winter.  Staff tending to erosion control issues and a small project connecting to the storm pipe in the street are all that is planned.  While Sunrise Staff will be checking on the site regularly, we would appreciate it if our neighbors could keep an eye on the site and report any issues or suspicious activity to Dan Fraijo at 503-572-6018.

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August 9 - 

The reservoir has passed leak tests and been placed in operation.  Even though the site still needs extensive work to return it to normal, the reservoir has water in it and is being used as part of the water system.  

Trucks will begin hauling material to the site to backfill around the reservoir soon, possibly starting on August 12.  Around 30,000 yards of material will be needed to bury the reservoir and restore the site to conditions where landscaping can be installed.  

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July 23

Reservoir 11 is getting water!!!!  As of today, the reservoir is beginning the filling process.  It will take some time to bring the reservoir up to capacity.  As it fills, the structure will be inspected for leaks.  Once the integrity of the structure is assured, it will be painted and backfilling can begin..  

The painters are starting on the existing reservoir today.  The white and blue color scheme is being replaced with a light tan that was selected by the community.

Filling Res 11

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 March 27

Put a lid on it!  The contractor will pour half of the roof of the reservoir on Friday.  On Friday, March 29th crews will start setting up at 7:00 AM, with the first concrete truck scheduled to arrive at 7:30 AM.  It is anticipated that 25 trucks, or about 2500 cubic yards of concrete, will be needed for the pour.  We expect the pour to be completed during the normal work day, barring any unforeseen complications in the process.

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March 25 - 

On March 21st folks living near the new Reservoir 11 were invited to get a look inside their new neighbor.  Take a look at the scale of the roof support columns. Construction is moving along on schedule and the first half of the roof will be poured soon.  

Res 11 032119 pic 9  Res 11 032119 Pic 4  Res 11 032119 pic 3

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March 6 - 

The majority of the wall sections have been poured.  The last section will remain open until interior work is completed.  The bulk of work during March will be forming and pouring the roof.

Next week, the existing tank will be pressure washed to prep it for coating.  The coatings used on reservoirs have unique properties and some limitations on color choices.  The coating contractor will be painting some sample swatches in the coming week so that we can review the options.

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February 8 - 

Due to the extreme cold, concrete work at the reservoir will be suspended until the weather provides improves.  Concrete can't cure properly at freezing temperatures, so wall pours require a window of more than 24 hours above freezing to be structurally sound.  

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February 4 - 

We are now 40 weeks into the project and well over half way done.  The floor is completed and wall section #7 (of nine total) will be poured tomorrow, weather permitting.  Each wall section is 33-feet tall and 46-feet long.  Wall section #8 is expected to be poured this coming Thursday.  Once that is in place forming and pouring of the columns will begin.  There will be 32 columns total to support the roof.  After just over half of the columns are up, half of the roof will be formed and poured.  

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December 10 - 

Concrete crews have been working on pouring another quarter of the floor today.  The concrete is curing slowly.  Crews will need to work until approximately 9:00 PM tonight to get the finish work completed when the concrete is at the right consistency.  

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November 30 - 

The crews have been busy setting forms and tying rebar in anticipation of the big event - pouring concrete!  This first pour will be for the floor of the reservoir.  Concrete trucks will start arriving at 8 am on Monday, December 3rd.  There should be 15-16 trucks throughout the day.  There will be a few additional vehicles on site and parked around the site as the concrete work is being completed.  On street parking is being directed to the north of the site on Faris Street. 

November 19

The earthwork contractors, Landis & Landis are moving their equipment out for a while to make way for the concrete crews.  During this short week, the construction crews will be moving in a crane truck to assist with moving materials around, framing concrete forms, and setting and tying rebar for the first of four concrete pours to for the reservoir floor.  Expect deliveries of rebar throughout the week of November 26th through the 30th.  If the weather cooperates, it is expected that the first concrete pour will happen on December 3rd or 4th.

The afternoon of November 27th will see traffic disruptions on Verlie as a generator for the Pump Station will be delivered and placed on site.  Flaggers will be out that day from about 12:00 pm-4:30 pm.

On November 9th, officials from the City of Happy Valley had their first chance to see the project up close and personal, from the floor of the reservoir site.  Brett Sherman, Stephani Hern, Steve Campbell, and Michael Morrow joined SWA Board members Ernie Platt and Chris Hawes on a brief tour of the construction site and had a chance to talk to Dan Fraijo, the SWA project manager, about the process to date and the process going forward. They all agreed, it's one big hole.
Nov 9 HV Res 11 Site visit

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November 8

The last load from site excavation left yesterday and the large excavation equipment will be leaving the site over the next couple of days.  Rock for leveling the base is coming in and will be leveled and compacted.  The vibratory compacter will be working Thursday and Friday to set that base rock.  Placement of the inlet and outlet pipes and pouring the concrete blocks to secure them is scheduled for next Tuesday. Deliveries of materials for forms and rebar will be the most common heavy construction traffic for a while.

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September 28 Update - 

Work has been slowed tremendously by more, and denser, rock.  There is about 5 more feet of material to remove to get to the right depth and it is all pretty solid rock.  This is bad news for the project schedule, but will assure that the reservoir has very good seismic stability.  Crews will be working on Saturday to complete installation of the erosion control measures before the October 1st deadline.  

A design change is in process for the retaining walls.  Rather than drilling anchors into the hillside and building a free standing retaining wall, the geotechs have determined that the rock is solid enough that affixing a steel mesh to the face of the excavation and spraying on grout will provide a solution that is just as structurally sound at a lower price for the agency. 

Traffic issues have plagued the project this week.  In addition to materials delivery and employee vehicles related to the reservoir project, the long delayed installation of a back up generator for the pump station was started. A conversation with the contractor has resulted in a plan to park employee vehicles off the street that should be implemented next week.  Delivery of some materials and supplies will still disrupt traffic temporarily on an intermittent basis.  

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Construction Update

More rock has been removed and there's about 11 more feet of digging left to go.  Since the hole is getting so deep, it has reached the point where the construction of retaining walls will be necessary.  Installation of the anchors for the walls was started on September 21st and will pick up again on Monday the 24th.  No weekend work has been slated for this week.  

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Work progress has slowed dramatically as all of the easy-to-dig soil has been removed and the contractors started into the rocky layers.  So far, hydraulic breakers have not been necessary to this point, as the contractors have been able to rip the rocks out with standard excavators, although not without some additional effort and noise.  The hope is that similar conditions will remain as they excavate the final 10-12 feet.  The amount of material removed from the site is now over 44,000 cubic yards.  

The race is on to finish the excavation and try to get the floor poured before the rainy season begins.  The contractor will also begin preparing the site for the oncoming rainy season by increasing erosion control practices on site, such as plastic sheeting on steep slopes, diversion dams around the top perimeter of the excavated area, and other measures.  
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Weekly Plan
For week of August 13 - 17

Hauling on 147th Walking path is concluded.
Complete the common excavation (i.e.dirt)
Begin rock excavation - The reports are that the rock should be friable enough to rip out with the excavator.  If this does not prove to be the case then hydraulic breakers may be required,

Project Update
Just under 34,000 cubic yards of material has been removed from the site and is stockpiled at the Sunrise property on 172nd and Armstrong Circle.
It took an average of 52 seconds to load each dump truck.

A non-injury safety incident occurred at the job site on August 9th. A spare on-site truck was being used to haul asphalt debris as the crews cleaned up the 147th walking path after the excavators moved down into the hole.  In what appears to be a mechanical malfunction with the emergency brake, the truck rolled down the hill and went through the temporary fencing and into a home's yard.  Fortunately no one was hurt.  The contractor closed the site to normal work today while a complete safety incident investigation is conducted.  That truck has been removed from the job site.   
081018 1 
Last bit of digging from on top.

081018 joined
A perspective of how large the hole is getting.

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Weekly Plan - 

For the week of July 30 - August 3

Soil removal will slow a little as excavation shifts to establishing the lower haul road and construction access.

A job shack for crew will be brought on site.

A fire hydrant at the site will be removed.

Project Update:

As of July 27, over 20,000 yards of soil has been excavated from the reservoir site.  

Res 11 073118 3 Res 11 073118 2 Res 11 073118 1

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Weekly Plan - 

Expected Work for Week of July 16-20


Update on work completed - 

To date more than 7,500 cubic yards of dirt has been removed from the site.

The construction entrance and erosion control measures have been installed at the stockpile site on 172nd Avenue and Armstrong Circle.

Due to the depth of the excavation, the contractor will be removing soil from the top of the site using old 147th as access for a period.   

Res 11 071118 3 Res 11 Groundbreaking Res 11 071118 2

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Expected work for the week of June 18-22

  • Construction signage installed
  • Small equipment mobilized to site
  • Erosion control and tree protection to be installed
  • Removal of concrete island on Verlie
  • Potential for some large equipment mobilization at end of week
  • Potential for tree removal late in the week

Verlie traffic islands construction sign Small equipment on site

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Weekly Plan - 

Week 1 of construction started off with pre-construction site preparation.

Week of June 11-15

  • Notice to Proceed issued
  • Construction hours signage installed
  • Video documentation of haul road
  • Security fence and screening installed
  • 147th walking path closed
  • Some light equipment staging (Portable restroom, erosion control materials, etc.)
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Meet the Construction Manager -  Dan Fraijo

Dan Fraijo
Dan joined Sunrise Water Authority in 2010 as the Field Operations Manager with a solid history of buried infrastructure behind him.  As we have shifted gears from maintenance only into construction of projects,Dan has transitioned into the role of Construction Manager.  During the course of the project, Dan will spend the majority of his time at the construction site assuring that the contractor is performing to our expectations.  

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Mark Your Calendars!

We are cleared for take-off!  Construction starts June 11.

The first couple of weeks will be dedicated to mobilization and site preparation, such as erecting security fencing and sign placement.  

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