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Current Happenings and News

Weekly Plan
For week of August 13 - 17

Hauling on 147th Walking path is concluded.
Complete the common excavation (i.e.dirt)
Begin rock excavation - The reports are that the rock should be friable enough to rip out with the excavator.  If this does not prove to be the case then hydraulic breakers may be required,

Project Update
Just under 34,000 cubic yards of material has been removed from the site and is stockpiled at the Sunrise property on 172nd and Armstrong Circle.
It took an average of 52 seconds to load each dump truck.

A non-injury safety incident occurred at the job site on August 9th. A spare on-site truck was being used to haul asphalt debris as the crews cleaned up the 147th walking path after the excavators moved down into the hole.  In what appears to be a mechanical malfunction with the emergency brake, the truck rolled down the hill and went through the temporary fencing and into a home's yard.  Fortunately no one was hurt.  The contractor closed the site to normal work today while a complete safety incident investigation is conducted.  That truck has been removed from the job site.   
081018 1 
Last bit of digging from on top.

081018 joined
A perspective of how large the hole is getting.

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Weekly Plan - 

For the week of July 30 - August 3

Soil removal will slow a little as excavation shifts to establishing the lower haul road and construction access.

A job shack for crew will be brought on site.

A fire hydrant at the site will be removed.

Project Update:

As of July 27, over 20,000 yards of soil has been excavated from the reservoir site.  

Res 11 073118 3 Res 11 073118 2 Res 11 073118 1

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Weekly Plan - 

Expected Work for Week of July 16-20


Update on work completed - 

To date more than 7,500 cubic yards of dirt has been removed from the site.

The construction entrance and erosion control measures have been installed at the stockpile site on 172nd Avenue and Armstrong Circle.

Due to the depth of the excavation, the contractor will be removing soil from the top of the site using old 147th as access for a period.   

Res 11 071118 3 Res 11 Groundbreaking Res 11 071118 2

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Expected work for the week of June 18-22

  • Construction signage installed
  • Small equipment mobilized to site
  • Erosion control and tree protection to be installed
  • Removal of concrete island on Verlie
  • Potential for some large equipment mobilization at end of week
  • Potential for tree removal late in the week

Verlie traffic islands construction sign Small equipment on site

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Weekly Plan - 

Week 1 of construction started off with pre-construction site preparation.

Week of June 11-15

  • Notice to Proceed issued
  • Construction hours signage installed
  • Video documentation of haul road
  • Security fence and screening installed
  • 147th walking path closed
  • Some light equipment staging (Portable restroom, erosion control materials, etc.)
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Meet the Construction Manager -  Dan Fraijo

Dan Fraijo
Dan joined Sunrise Water Authority in 2010 as the Field Operations Manager with a solid history of buried infrastructure behind him.  As we have shifted gears from maintenance only into construction of projects,Dan has transitioned into the role of Construction Manager.  During the course of the project, Dan will spend the majority of his time at the construction site assuring that the contractor is performing to our expectations.  

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Mark Your Calendars!

We are cleared for take-off!  Construction starts June 11.

The first couple of weeks will be dedicated to mobilization and site preparation, such as erecting security fencing and sign placement.  

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