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Reservoir 11 Construction Under Way
Notice to proceed issued to General Contractor in June
Posted Date: 6/4/2018 5:30 PM

Sunrise Water Authority has begun construction on a new 3 million gallon concrete reservoir designed to supply ongoing growth in the city of Happy Valley. The goal of the project is to responsibly meet the growing needs of the community and honor a standing commitment to provide safe, reliable water to all of Sunrise’s customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

The new reservoir is being built adjacent to an existing 2.5 million gallon reservoir on Sunrise property located between SE Verlie Street and SE Hadeed Drive. Space has been reserved at this site since 2007 for this purpose. The project is part of the agency’s 20-year Capital Improvement Plan and will provide essential storage for service, fire protection and improved seismic resiliency.

The contractor began construction on June 11th. The project has three major phases: (1) excavation to set a floor to the same level as the existing reservoir; (2) construction of the reservoir itself; and, (3) backfilling and site restoration. In the end, the reservoir will be nestled into the hillside and partially buried, blending it into the landscape and minimizing its visual impact on the neighborhood. Once constructed, the ground around the reservoir will be regraded in preparation for final landscaping.

During construction, the walkway on 147th Avenue will be closed to pedestrian and bicycle access. Construction vehicles will travel to and from the site along SE Misty Way and SE Verlie Street. Soil and rock excavated from the site will be stockpiled on property at SE Armstrong Circle, just north of the intersection of Highway 212 and SE 172nd. Construction vehicles will not be permitted to block traffic on SE Verlie Street and material deliveries will generally be made along the SE Faris Street side of the site. Regular school bus routes in the neighborhood will also not be disrupted. Sunrise is further requiring the contractor to provide noise and dust control, in addition to regular street sweeping. The entire site will be fenced during construction to provide security and control to site access.

Excavation and construction is expected to take 16 months, followed by 5 months of backfill and final grading. The objective is to have the reservoir in operation by late summer of 2019 with landscaping completed shortly after. Work hours will be limited to Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm. No weekend work will be allowed without special approval. Additional details and project updates can be found on the project website at or by calling Kim Anderson, Community Affairs, at 503-683-7383.