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Sunrise accounts are subject to a service charge. This charge is intended to recover fixed operational costs for the utility that are shared by all customers.  Service Charges are collected for three types of accounts:

The Service Charge is a periodic fee collected, regardless of consumption, for the reimbursement of a portion of the fixed costs of operations, including meter reading and maintenance, infrastructure maintenance, facilities, and field labor.  The amount is set by the Board of Commissioners as part of an approved public rate setting process.  The service charge is collected on a regular basis for the privilege of on-demand service and fire protection.

Historically service charges have been maintained at very low levels and the majority of necessary revenues collected from water rates.  Water revenue from rates fluctuates tremendously based on customer conservation practices, the economy, demographic shifts and many other factors, while costs of operation remain constant.  Sunrise Water is developing a strategy to migrate to a service charge plan that recovers costs of operation and water rates that more accurately reflect the actual cost of production or purchase of water.  Transitioning to service charges that are tied to fixed cost of operation will stabilize agency finances over the long term, and assure that all customers are equitably contributing to the operation of the system.  

Last updated: 3/26/2018 3:50:48 PM