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Most residential customers receive bi-monthly bills. A portion of the customers receive monthly bills.  The number of units assigned to each tier is prorated according to how often the service is billed in order to assure comparable bills between monthly and bi-monthly customers. 

The first tier volume of usage represents the average basic needs for a household based on Sunrise customer data. The second tier represents average household peak month consumption. Third tier volumes reflect above average consumption, and the fourth tier rate encourages water conservation.

Bi- Monthly

Tier Rate Units
1- Basic Water Use $1.75 0-8
2- Average Peak Household Use $2.50 9-20
3- Above Average Use $2.80 21-32
4- Conservation $3.20 33+



Tier Rate Units
1- Basic Water Use $1.75 0-4
2- Average Peak Household Use $2.50 5-10
3- Above Average Use $2.80 11-16
4- Conservation $3.20 17+

Last updated: 3/26/2018 3:52:48 PM