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Water pressure in the Sunrise service area ranges from 30 to 200 psi (pounds per square inch).  We strive to provide water service at desirable pressures within technical and financial constraints.  In spite of our best efforts, pressure issues can occur.   The water pressure at your home can affect the design, operation, and longevity of irrigation systems and other water using appliances.

High Pressure

Variation in topography and elevation in our service area dictates installation of pressure reducing valves as part of the meter assembly for some services.  If you experience high water pressure,contact customer service to determine if you have a pressure reducing valve  on your service that may need to be adjusted or serviced or to request a pressure check.  

Low Pressure

Low water pressure can be the result of a variety of problems.

Low pressure at a single faucet? Clogged aerator screens caused by rust or other particles can impede flow. Problems with single-handle fixtures can occur in the mixer valve cartridge.  Crimped water supply lines can cause reduced pressure at a single fixture as can partially closed water supply valves.

Different pressure in hot and cold water supply? Reduced pressure in hot water only is usually related to  hot water heater problems.  Check that the shut-off valve near the water heater is completely open.

Do you have an in-home water treatment system?  Clogging of the filter media can reduce water pressure.

Is there a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) on your property? If your home is equipped with a PRV, adjustment or service may be required to resolve pressure issues.

Is your home’s master shut off valve fully open? Homes are equipped with a master water shut off valve.    If it is not fully opened after a plumbing repair your pressure may be affected.

Do you have an older home?  Older homes often have pressure problems due to mineral buildup in the water lines that constrict the flow through the plumbing.

Is it possible you have a leak?  Low pressure can be the side effect of a leak in the plumbing or piping of the premises.   Checking for Leaks can rule this out.

Last updated: 10/11/2013 12:40:22 PM