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Leaks can increase your bill substantially; even small ones really add up over time. Homeowners that discover a leak may apply for an adjustment to their water bill.  Details of eligibility for an adjustment are in the Leak Adjustment Policy or on the second page of the leak adjustment request form. Contact Customer Service to have a Leak Adjustment Request form mailed to you or you may access the form online. 

You can check for leaks in your home using your water meter. If you find a leak, it’s most often one of the common problems listed below. 

Faucets and Taps

A faucet leak of one drop per second will waste about 260 gallons of water each month. The American Water Works Association leak calculator tells you how much water that leaky faucet is wasting.


Toilets can waste up to 1,440 gallons per day, or one gallon per minute. When rubber toilet flapper valves in the tank become worn they fail to seal properly. Leaks are often detected by listening for running water at the toilet when it hasn't been flushed, however toilet leaks can also be silent. Test for a toilet leak by placing a drop of food coloring or a leak detection tablet in the toilet tank. If color shows up in the bowl within 5 minutes without flushing, you have a leak. Contact our Customer Service Staff for free leak detection tablets, or just stop by and pick some up.

Irrigation Systems

Large leaks are common in irrigation systems. If you have a leak, shut of the main water supply valve to your irrigation system.  If the red flow indicator triangle at your meter stops spinning, your leak is in your irrigation system.  Green or yellow spots in your lawn and soggy ground are clues as to where the leak might be. 

Main Service Line

Shut off your homes master water shut off valve and the irrigation system water supply valve to cut off all water flow to your home.  If the red triangle on your water meter is moving, there is a leak in your service line between your water shut off valves and the water meter.  Leaks in the service line between the discharge side of the water meter assembly and the home are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Last updated: 11/24/2015 4:31:45 PM