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ORS 223.297-223.314 permits Sunrise to collect system development charges (SDC’s) at the time of water service installation. SDC’s pay for improvements to the water system and for reimbursement of a proportional share for previous investments in providing water treatment, transmission, pumping, storage, distribution, and fire suppression infrastructure. Installation charges are based upon actual installation costs for the water meter assembly and service line to the meter.

Installation charges for new services are calculated to collect for the actual cost of materials and labor customarily associated with the installation of a new meter and service connection.  In the majority of cases these charges will be uniform, however, larger meters and unusual installations may result in the need for a job estimate for the installation to be produced and paid prior to installation.  Please contact Technical Services for an accurate price quote prior to coming to the office to purchase a meter.

Service connections do not include the water line from the meter assembly to the house. The water line from the meter assembly to the premise is the property of the home owner, thus they are responsible for installation and maintenance of that water line.

Pro-rata reimbursement charges may be assessed at the time a meter is purchased.  In some cases service lines that were installed by an individual or developer at their expense rather than by Sunrise Water.  In these cases the person or developer is entitled to recover for a period of ten years a part of their expense from others receiving the benefit of having that water line in place.  Staff will notify you if a pro-rata reimbursement will be due at the time you apply for a meter.

Last updated: 4/3/2019 1:43:49 PM