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News Review
Backflow Survey Under Way
Posted Date: 6/14/2018 2:30 PM

Sunrise Water Authority has engaged contractors to conduct a survey related to backflow devices and sprinkler systems in some parts of our service area. They will be inspecting the meter box and, where appropriate, the irrigation control box to determine the presence of backflow devices. Contractor employees will not be identified as Sunrise Water Authority staff or be driving Sunrise marked vehicles.
If there is a sudden loss of pressure in the water mains due to a main break or any other reason, water from households can be pulled back into the public water system. Without adequate backflow protection, it is possible for water containing contaminants to enter the drinking water supply. Backflow from households can become contaminated from a number of sources, such as pet wastes introduced through the yard sprinkler system, chemicals from in-line fertilizer systems, or even solvents or cleaning agents when a hose is left in a bucket when the loss of pressure occurs.
This survey is intended to give us a better understanding of how many properties are properly equipped with backflow devices and and allow us to follow up with property owners to assure that they are tested in compliance with state regulations.  We are committed to providing our customers with water that meets all safety standards and this project is one small part of that effort.