General Manager

General Manager
Dr. Wade E. Hathhorn

Dr. Hathhorn was appointed General Manager of Sunrise Water Authority in October of 2010. He also serves as the Chair of the Clackamas River Water Providers, and the Vice Chair of the Regional Water Providers Consortium Technical Committee. 

Dr. Hathhorn received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Nevada with high distinction, a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Wyoming and a PH. D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas. He has a varied professional background, having spent seven years as a university professor prior to embarking on a thirteen year career as a consultant. Prior to joining Sunrise Water Authority, Dr. Hathhorn served as a Vice President at MWH Americas, Inc.

Technical Services

The Technical Services Department oversees the planning, permitting, design, construction and project management of water supply, treatment, transmission and distribution facilities necessary to serve Sunrise customers. In addition, the department provides strategic planning for the needs for future and current customers, system control, regulatory compliance, and IT functions for the agency.

The Technical Services Department works closely with property owners or developers desiring new water service or an upgrade to their existing service to assure that all construction within the Sunrise service area is in compliance with state law and Sunrise construction standards.

Contact Technical Services

Tim Jannsen, District Engineer
503-761-0220 Extension 136

Customer Service

Customer Service representatives are the central point for customer contact at the agency and serve as a liaison for the customer, either directly resolving inquiries and concerns or by directing customers to the party that has the expertise or information that the customer requires. They capture customer issues and communicate them into the organization. Our customer service representatives strive to provide an outstanding customer experience.

The customer service staff is responsible for billing and payment processing, shut-off and collection processes, inquiry and complaint response, issuance of service orders, and administration of the leak adjustment program.

To contact a customer service representative call 503-761-0220 or send email to

Christin House, Customer Service Manager

Field Operations

The Field Operations Department is responsible for operation and maintenance of the water distribution system, including pump stations, reservoirs, emergency customer service, the leak detection program and a valve operations program. This department is responsible for meeting system demands and mandated service pressures. Field Operation’s also manages construction activities and maintenance, repair or replacement of distribution piping and facilities. In addition, the department maintains our fleet of vehicles and motorized equipment, our facilities and structures, and manages landscaping activities.

Contact Field Operations

Toby Henderson, Operations Manager


The Finance Department is responsible for developing long-range financial plans, development and administration of the annual budget and tracking financial performance measures. The department performs all accounting functions including establishing and maintaining financial records, controlling and disbursing funds for payables and payroll, tracking the asset inventory and controlling and verifying receivables. This department prepares periodic and year-end financial statements and reports and manages the annual audit process performed by an independent auditing firm.

The Finance Department plays a pivotal role in planning and developing water rates, including generating revenue requirements, analyzing costs of service and the design of water rates in support of our plans for financing system operations and water resource planning.

Human resources functions including classification and compensation, employee benefits, and administration of policies and procedures also fall within the scope of the department.

The Finance Department also addresses risk management for the agency. It is responsible for administering the employees’ workers’ compensation program, and assesses insurance requirements for the agency. The department implements risk identification, measurement, and evaluation procedures to monitor loss control procedures for the agency.

Contact Finance

Denise Bergstrom, Finance Director

The Administration Department provides administrative support to both the General Manager and the Board of Commissioners. This department manages the official records for Sunrise and responds to public records requests.

A variety of internal and external communications services are provided by the department with the intent to keep customers and the general public informed about the agency and its actions. Other activities relate to internal employee communications including the intranet, management of our internet site; special events and speaking engagements, and news and social media relations.

Department staff also facilitates strategic relationships with external audiences, elected officials, regulatory agencies, key influencers and organizations, including the business community. As a part of establishing and gaining support and advocacy for our mission, programs and projects, the group maintains cooperative relationships with other governmental agencies whose sphere of operation affect Sunrise Water.

Contact Administration

Kim Anderson, Government Relations Manager

Cindy Wolff, Administrative Manager