Bidding & Procurement

Sunrise Water is a public agency, and as such is required to conduct bidding and procurement under the State of Oregon public contracting laws.

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Notice of Intent to Award

Slow Sand Media Replacement Project for the NCCWC Water Treatment Plant
Bid Closing Tuesday, January 24, 2023 - 10:00 AM
Bid Reference Number:  8366063

Three (3) bids were received from the following contractors: Knife River, Elk Mountain, and Tapani.  Tapani, Inc. offered the lowest cost, responsible bid at $1,579,220.00.

The Board of Directors, acting as the Local Contract Review Board, for the North Clackamas County Water Commission met on Thursday, January 26 and approved a staff recommendation to issue formal Notice of Intent to Award a Construction Contract in the amount of $1,579,220.00 to Tapani, Inc. for the Slow Sand Replacement Project.

Pending any protest as allowed under ORS 279C.375, the NCCWC will reserve the right execute a related contract on or after February 3, 2023. All questions regarding the contract shall be sent in writing to:  Wade Hathhorn, General Manager, NCCWC at

Approved Contractors

We periodically issue a Request of Qualifications for contractors to provide on-call construction services for repair projects. Contractors responsive to the RFQ will be placed on a roster of contractors Sunrise will use to provide repair and replacement services.

List of approved contractors:

  1. Canby Excavating, Inc.
  2. Emery & Sons Construction Group, LLC
  3. GT Excavating, LLC
  4. Trench Line Excavation, Inc.