Properties receiving water service from Sunrise Water Authority, with some exceptions for circumstances impacting health and safety, must legally be part of our service territory. The process of annexing is governed by the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners in their capacity as the local boundary commission.The forms to initiate the process are available here: Annexation Packet Owner Initiated Process

A summary of the process:

  1. Complete the Boundary Change Data sheet and petition for annexation, and associated documents;
  2. Obtain scaled map of property to annex and metes and bounds description;
  3. Obtain resolutions endorsing annexation from Sunrise Water Authority and the City of Happy Valley if the property is within the city limits
  4. Submit the completed annexation application to Clackamas County for consideration;
  5. Approved petitions are referred to Oregon Department of Revenue for final approval. DOR reviews approved applications for compliance with state requirements and may require modifications prior to final approval.

In general, applicants can expect the entire process will take a minimum of four months, and often more.