Other Fees

Additional Fees and Charges

Fees are established to recover the agency's cost of providing the services requested or performed for an individual or because of an individual’s actions.

Returned Item Charge Assessed when any payment presented to a bank is declined $20.00
Reminder Notice Fee Assessed after payment due date $5.00
Past Due Notice Fee Assessed after final due date listed on reminder notice $10.00
Service Shut Off Fee Assessed after staff has issued a shut off work order $40.00
After Hours Service Restoration Fee Assessed any time service restoration occurs between 4:30 PM and 7:30 AM and on weekends or holidays Temporarily suspended
Meter Tampering Fee Unauthorized manipulation of meter or components to restore service that has been shut off for delinquency. $300.00
Felony violation that can be subject to prosecution
Meter Testing Customer cost if requested meter test demonstrates meter is fully functional $110.00
Hydrant Meter Deposit Due upon receipt of meter. Refundable after return of meter in acceptable condition $1,000
Temporary Irrigation Meter Actual labor and materials costs, plus estimated removal charges Varies
Voluntary Meter Removal Customer requested removal of meter $50.00
Public Records Copies Paper copies in standard sizes up to 11X17 $.25 per copy
Public Records Research Labor required for filling public records requests. Over 1/2 hour per requester per month
Employees billable rate