Preparing an Emergency Water Supply

Before There's an Emergency: Get Ready. Get Water.

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Store Emergency Water

The human body can function for a long while without food, but the lack of water impacts your health within one day.  Having a supply of water on hand is the most important thing you can do to prepare your family for a disaster.  Additional information on emergency preparedness is available at the Regional Water Providers Consortium website.

  • Store a three day supply of water for each person in your household. Figure one gallon per person per day. Store extra water for pets and family members with special needs.
  • Use sanitized, food-grade plastic containers for water storage. Glass containers may break and non-food grade plastic containers will degrade.
  • Store tightly sealed, clearly labeled, containers in a cool, dark location and replace every six months. Commercially bottled water is another option.
  • The Red Cross and both offer extensive guidance on family emergency preparedness and disaster response.