Using Alternative Water Sources

Disaster strikes and you don't have stored water or have used it all. What now?

Here's some alternative sources for drinkable water.

  • Water in your pipes:  Open a faucet at the highest point in the home to let air into the plumbing then use the faucet at the lowest point to drain water from the plumbing.
  • Hot water heater:  Close the water intake valve and shut off the heater’s gas or electric supply. Open the drain at the bottom of the tank to collect the water for use. You may need to open a hot-water faucet in the house in order to get a flow of water. CAUTION: You MUST refill the hot water tank before turning the gas or electricity on to avoid damaging your hot water heater.
  • Toilet tank, pool or water feature:  Use water from these options for sanitation purposes, but not for drinking unless you purify it.