Home Owner Responsibility

Meter Boxes

Information about meter boxes and home owner responsibility.

Pressure Regulation

Information on pressure regulation at residential services.

Backflow Device Testing

Why cross connection and backflow should matter to you.

Meter Assembly & Service Line

Sunrise Water maintains and repairs the water system up to and including the water meter assembly.

Master Shut Off Valve

Could you find your shut off valve in an emergency?

Water Line Insurance

Facts about water line insurance products.

Meter Boxes

Meter boxes are the property of Sunrise, however, damage caused by negligence on the part of the homeowner will be charged to their account.

Homeowners are required to keep the boxes cleared of obstructions (no basketball hoops, please) and vegetation. Sunrise requires 2-5 feet of space around the meter box that is free of obstructions that would interfere with access to the meter. No fences or walls may be constructed between the meter box and the street.

If access to the meter is impeded, the property owner will be notified and asked to remedy the situation.  If meter access is not restored by the date indicated on the notice, Sunrise may remove the obstruction and the property owner will be billed for the actual cost of doing so.

Meter Assembly & Service Line

Sunrise Water maintains and repairs the water system up to, and including, the water meter assembly.  The water meter assembly may vary from home to home depending on the date at which it was installed.  The two most common assemblies are shown below. Piping and components located after the discharge side of the water meter assembly are the responsibility of the property owner.

Sunrise staff is prohibited from working on private water service lines by state code.

Older Assembly


Current Assembly

Pressure Regulation

Many parts of the Sunrise service area experience high water pressure.  For many years, Sunrise installed pressure regulating valves (PRV) as part of the normal meter assembly for all customers. For legal and operational reasons, that practice has been discontinued. Existing PRV's will be replaced upon failure and responsibility will be transferred to the property owner at that time. Property owners will be notified of the transfer of ownership.

Pressure regulation on new services will be the responsibility of the property owner.

Master Shut off Valve

The majority of homes are equipped with a master water shut off valve, typically located in the crawl space or in the garage. Property owners should familiarize themselves with its location in case of a water emergency.  Shutting off a major leak quickly can drastically reduce the damage to your home.

Backflow Device Testing

Backflow devices are installed at homes and businesses to prevent potentially contaminated water from entering your home and the water system through cross connections. Annual testing not only assures that your home is protected, but is required by state code.

More information on cross connection and backflow is available here.

Water Line Insurance

The water service line from the meter assembly to the home plumbing system is the responsibility of the property owner. Water leaks and line failure can occur. Many homeowner insurance plans do not cover water main replacement or repair. If this is a concern for you, we advise you to review the coverage offered by your homeowners policy.

Various private firms regularly advertise water line insurance/repair plans within our service area and often infer an affiliation with Sunrise Water Authority. Sunrise Water Authority does not offer water service line insurance, nor are we affiliated with or endorse any company doing so. Property owners should assess their needs and investigate any offers as they would any other insurance product.

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