Pressure Problems

Water pressure in the Sunrise service area varies from 30 to 200 psi (pounds per square inch). Our objective is to provide water at desirable pressures, within technical and financial constraints. Water pressure at your home can affect the design, operation and longevity or irrigation components and water using appliances.

Common issues & potential solutions regarding water pressure:

Low pressure at one faucet?

Clogged aerator screens can impede flow.  Problems with the mixer valve cartridge may be a problem with single handle fixtures.  Also check for crimped water supply lines.

Hot and cold water have different pressure?

If only hot water has reduced pressure, the problem is likely at the water heater.  check to make sure the shut off valve is completely open.

Gradual reduction in pressure?
  • Clogged filter media on in-home water filtration systems will reduce water pressure.
  • If you live in an older home, mineral buildup inside pipes impedes water.
  • Water line leaks can cause lower pressure.
Sudden loss of pressure?
  • Check the master shut off valve.  If it was shut off for repairs or other reasons, it might not have been fully re-opened.
  • The pressure reducing valve may have failed in the closed position.
Sudden Increase in pressure?
  • The pressure reducing valve may have failed in the open position.
  • Operational changes may be bringing water in from a different elevation than normal.