Drinking Water Week – May 2023


May 7 – 13 is Drinking Water Week

You turn on the tap, and the water’s there. Easy, right? Water providers across the region, including Sunrise Water, maintain infrastructure, employ more than 1,000 people, and work 24 hours a day, every day of the year to make sure your water is always there when you need it.

May 7 – 13 is Drinking Water Week, an opportunity to highlight the quality of our region’s water, the infrastructure needed to deliver water from the source to your home or business, and the people who make it happen. The greater Portland, Oregon metropolitan region is fortunate to have multiple high-quality water sources to serve the people who live and work here.

Sunrise Water is a member of the Regional Water Providers Consortium, a group of 25 water providers that have worked together for the past 26 years to provide leadership in the planning, management, stewardship, and resiliency of drinking water in the greater Portland, Oregon metropolitan region.

To highlight the importance of clean, safe drinking water and educate customers about water sources, the Consortium has developed a Drinking Water by the Numbers infographic, an interactive water map, and water provider look up tool.



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