Fire Impacts on the Clackamas Watershed

A message from the Clackamas River Water Providers

Watershed Riverside Fire

The Fires in Clackamas County continue to burn and have a heavy impact on our residents and all resources are going into the evacuation effort, fire suppression, and the support of life safety measures. Water demands in the areas closest to the fire have increased dramatically and, in an effort, to provide the most water to the effort of fire suppression and life safety, we ask residents to continue to curtail any unnecessary use of water. If you are in a Level 1 or Level 2 fire alert area or are outside a fire impacted area, your reduction in water use will help Clackamas River Water Providers to send more water to areas that are heavily impacted by the fires.

The Clackamas River Water Providers thank all of you who have eliminated all non-essential use of their drinking water during this unprecedented time.

Our drinking water:

  1. Continues to be reliable and safe to drink.
  2. Our Water Treatment Plants are fully functional and capable of providing safe, clean drinking water.
  3. Water demands on the Clackamas water provider’s systems has increased due to the Riverside Fire.
  4. Water providers are working together to ensure the region has sufficient water, and it is very important at this time to reduce any unnecessary water use so that more is available for fire related purposes.

For more information about the evolving situation in Clackamas County, please visit:

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