Water Conservation & Tips

Why should I conserve when it rains all the time?

While we are fortunate to live in an area with abundant rainfall and a seemingly endless supply of water, water supplies are still limited. Our water supply is constantly being subjected to increased demands by population growth, regulations limiting withdrawals, reductions in return flows due to development and the impacts of climate change.

The truth is that we all need to practice water conservation for a number of reasons:

  • Our water comes from a river not a reservoir or lake. Water use is low in the winter when there is plenty of water in the river, but use spikes in the summer when river flows are at their lowest and the amount that can be withdrawn from the river is restricted.
  • We share the Clackamas River with endangered salmon species and limiting withdrawals from the river is essential to their health.
  • Reducing the amount of water each person uses helps delay the need for constructing costly system improvements.
  • Developing new water sources is difficult, costly, and uncertain. More efficient use of our current supply postpones the need to develop new supplies.
  • Conserving water reduces the amount of chemicals and electricity required for treating and moving water through the system, helping to keep costs in check.

Conservation Rebates

A variety of rebates for the installation of water conserving toilets and landscape irrigation improvements are available through the Clackamas River Water Providers on a limited basis each year. Navigate to the Clackamas River Water Providers site to verify availability and view eligibility requirements.


Conservation Resources

To find out more about conservation or access resources to help you conserve, check out what our partner agencies and affiliates have to offer.